DESIGNERS are the "Wings of Technology"
Alias "The Deans Office"
Originated in October of 1992, The Deans Office was started using a marketing plan that encompassed retail sales, service and support for personal computers. The long-term goal of this plan was to develop a high tech prototyping facility. Initial operation costs were covered through the retail of personal computers built in-house from various component suppliers. The acceptance of a service oriented store soon brought an overwhelming amount of business and recognition.

In early 2000 a decision was made to sell the retail operation and target design and consulting services.  Accepted a contract with Nortel Networks for the verification of the iBTS high speed back planes as well as their plug in cards for the same system. 

We are also offering the optimization of digital position control systems (PID) for embedded systems. Using simulation techniques and practical hands on methods the control system can be stabilized for various modes of disturbance.

Prototyping is our focus, from small mechanical assemblies to full electronic PCB systems, we can help bring your ideas to reality.

Located in Port Alice, BC