We offer our clients services in various forms.  This includes electronic design, prototyping and verification. We can take a concept and create a finished product both effectively and efficiently.
  • Concept to plan.
  • Project partitioning.
  • Modular approach.
  • Implementation partitioning.
  • Design for test (DFx)
  • Floor planning.
  • Power requirements.
  • Power distribution.
  • Signal path.
  • Signal integrity.
High speed PCB design
VLSI Design FBGA Multilayer PCB PCBS
Expedition PCB
PCB layout
We design circuit boards using  Expedition PCB, Orcad/Allegro 17.2 and Protel. We use local PCB fabrication companies or the company you prefer.
Requirements, Specification, Partition, Prototype, Production. All steps are implemented using the DVC system.
Actual PCB
Actual PCB
The Design Verification Circle (DVC)
Design Verification Circle
A Mutually recursive set of steps for both design and verification will improve time-to-market, product confidence and customer satisfaction. We apply this design method to electronic, mechanical and software design.
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