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Verification & Testing
Stiring Mechanism Module:

This is a stirring mechanism used in the oil research industry. The operative element is a single layer two pole stepper motor. This drives a magnetically coupled stirring arm that is emerced in the liquid under test.

Keyboard testerSystem:
A keyboard tester that can determine the pressure at which the key pressed closes its contacts. The unit cycled through each and every key. The test plan called for a random key test with a full key board test every 20 units.

Custom built 3D printers 3D printer desgn supporting most manufacturers.  Printing services using HICTOP and custom designed and built 3D printers.

We also design X-Y-Z systems that utilize off-the-shelf (OTS) electronics or custome design circuitboards.

Single axis units Units:

A Single axis module that can be used for simple linear applications or joined with a second unit to produce an XY or XYZ solution.

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