Systems Design:

Using proven design methods we can take your concept and bring it to reality efficiently and effectively. We use high level languages to simulate the functionality of the design before any serious development starts!  3D printed models also give excellent insight to the design process.  We us HICTOP and custom built 3D printers.


Through tools such as Eagle, Protel and Orcad we can produce the design files required to produce multi layer controlled impedance printed circuit boards. We use US based PCB manufacturers.


We offer machining capabilities such as cylindrical and planar surface cutting.  Through local affiliates we are also capable of producing silicone molds, castings made of plastic and resin in solid color or translucent custom tinted shades. We also have the ability to vacuum form plastic parts and packaging along with 3D printed modeling.


The languages we support are Assembler (Intel/Motorola), C, VB, Forth, VHDL, Verilog, dBaseX and others. We can develop in the language of your choice providing there is a licensee to do so.


Consulting, Contract or part time jobs on/off site. Technical reports, business plans and manuals. Feasability studies, prototyping, model making, beta testing, test equipment, verification units, verification strategies and methods. Hardware emulation using FPGA based boards.