(Schematic => proto-board) VeroCAD-Pro (Board and layout editor)
VeroCAD-Pro perfboard layoutA quick and simple tool for prototyping with pre-built perforated circuit boards. Select components from a library, place and arrange the parts by pin or groups of pins. Add trace cuts and shorts then either print a component locator label or export to a net list for use in a commercial PCB package. VeroCAD-Pro includes a selection of prototype board configurations with an editor to change or create your own boards.
Samples of board configurations
Radio Shack 276-159
Syntax 462905Radio Shack 276-150

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Prototyping with VeroCAD:

The use of Veroboard (C) for prototyping circuits is common among hobbyists and professionals. One common method used is called "best guess", this method is to position the components on the board then rearrange each or all until the best position is found. "best guess" is extremely time consuming and prone to error. VeroCAD addresses this issue by allowing the builder to visually layout the board and reposition components with a click of a button. So what did take 3 hours can now be achieved in 3 minutes. When the design is complete the layout can be printed to a label, this label is then attached to the perf-board and used as the hole and component locator. Not only can the board be laid out in a fraction of the time, it can also be assembled quickly and accurately.
VeroCAD-Pro has a selection of built-in proto-board layouts. It also allows the user to create new boards using the board editor.