The product VeroCAD uses predefined component libraries. These libraries contain components that are the basic building blocks of the VeroCAD program.  VeroPART is the tool that allows the creation or modification of the components in the VeroCAD libraries.

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 VeroPART Included with VeroCAD and VeroCAD-Pro, this utility allows the VeroPARTperfboard layoutdeveloper to create and modify VeroCAD library parts. Part library selection is no longer limited and parts can be defined in color with up to 100 vectors.  We have a download area available that contains component  libraries donated by customers. To access this area please send a request to
The industry standard used for color coding resistors has been implemented into the vector drawing system.

NOTE: VeroPART shipped with VeroCAD cannot create "F-Pack" components used in VeroCAD-Pro.

VeroPART-Pro for VeroCAD-Pro example
The TO220 component on the left was defined as an F-Pack, the F Pack allows the slide function to operate on multiple pins for components used in VeroCAD-Pro.
The disk capacitor on the right has been placed vertically, now the slide function will move the component up and down. The lower connection of the component seems to be dangling and not connected, but when placed on a board the dangling connection will be shown as connected to the pin selected. Now the slide operation will move the component body between the two selected pins.
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